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Which language translates illness to wellness?

Etymologies may not always give the answer. But our people can. In their book, ailment translates to enjoyment, disease translates to ease, pain translates to peace, and illness to wellness. The only word that doesn’t exist in their vocabulary is “impossible”. And how? When questions are constantly asked to get answers that humankind would like to hear, solutions show up naturally.

In line with the objective to design and develop novel, clinically relevant, state-of-the-art surgical devices, Meril is expanding with its Endo-Surgery franchise. At Meril, we strive to originate and develop products through innovative thinking, cutting edge technologies and collaboration with medical professionals and healthcare organizations aiming to identify clinical needs and translate them into proven products and procedures.

Our aim is to enhance growth by expanding our research and development initiatives, pursuing targeted opportunities and strengthening our global infrastructure, including sales, marketing and distribution.

Meril focuses on providing surgeons and the field of surgery with wound closure & endo-surgical solutions of the highest quality and precision.

Meril’s vision is to become a one stop solution for surgeons by providing them with an extensive product portfolio comprising of Absorbable & Non-Absorbable Surgical Sutures, Tissue Sealants, Absorbable Hemostats, Hernia Repair (Mesh), Intra Uterine Devices (Cu-T), Energy Devices and Mechanical Closure Devices (Staplers).

Meril Endo-Surgery has a strong commitment to the design and development of best in class surgical instruments and innovative environment addressing the need of surgeons and the issues of patient safety, comfort, and care.

At Meril, we ask basic questions to make better definitions.