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Leaders Speak - Hemchandra Panjikar

Leaders Speak - Hemchandra Panjikar

“Meril Academy is a symbol of pride for all Merilians. The intent behind this learning facility is very noble. The state of the art futuristic design and facilities available here is world class and comparable to the best of its kind across both hemisphere. The infrastructure is seen and appreciated by every visitor who experiences Meril Academy even for a short period. Here I would like to talk about the deep thought and intent behind this great facility.

Our focus and action at Meril is always solution oriented. India as a country needs so many changes and improvement in every area. We all know the challenges facing this great country. However what we need is solution to these challenges and so many individuals and organizations are doing great work in different areas.

Meril has taken upon itself to work on Health Care especially in Medical Devices eld to bring the change that this country needs urgently through its quality products which is accessible to all so as to achieve " More to Life", the prophesy of Meril. This task requires trained health care professional who are spread across the geography so as to make the treatment accessible for all. Meril Academy endeavours to meet this requirement of well-trained health care ecosystem by way of facilitating and sharing both practical and theoretical aspect of health care learning continuum.

The progress made by Meril Academy in the last two years, both in terms of number of Healthcare professionals visiting for their learning objectives and spread of the topics indicates that efforts are in right directions and have also started bearing fruits.

This certainly is a matter of satisfaction for the Meril Academy Team, but the journey has just begun and there is a long way to go. However the enthusiasm of the team shows that they are ready for this long haul. They understand that service with excellence is a journey and not destination. All the very best.”