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Manish Deshmukh

Manish Deshmukh

Pioneering path-breaking technology in manufacturing diverse orthopedic portfolio, Meril has always been seen as a frontrunner in this industry. Today we offer innovations in knee replacement, hip replacement, arthritis treatment and even spine treatment. Here are a few words from the marketing and technical head of the orthopedic department himself, to help you understand how we have maintained our position at the forefront of orthopedic intervention.

Manish Deshmukh Technical & Marketing Head, Orthopedic

“About a year back, Orthopedic Division started the pilot project of Visiting Surgeons Program (VSP) in collaboration with Meril Academy, bringing nearly 35-40 surgeons every month together for interactive sessions and live cases.

So far, we have provided an academic platform to about 1000 Orthopedic surgeons which has helped them in better procedure adoption and bridging the gap between the practical and theoretic of surgery for the aspiring surgeons. We could scale up the number of surgeries in the last two years immensely because of surgeons trust and faith in us and the academic programs have served us well to that extent.”