• AutoQuant 100i
  • AutoQuant 100i
  • AutoQuant 100i

AutoQuant 100i/AutoQuant 100 Amara

AutoQuant 100 AmaraTM is a Fully Automated Random Access Analyzer with throughput of 100 tests per hour. It is ideal for a laboratory which intends to shift to fully auto-analyzer from manual or semi-auto analyzers. AutoQuant 100 AmaraTM includes all features from intelligent sample management & remote system diagnostics to autodilution, calibration & QC etc.

  • Onboard cooling & onboard laundry system

  • Autoexecution of rerun function with defined auto-dilution facility

  • Processing of emergency samples can be dealt with "STAT" function

  • Windows based software, Compact Design


AutoQuant 100i
  • 01

    Reagents are maintained at right temperature for optimum accuracy.

  • 02

    Intelligent sample management.

  • 03

     Preference given as per priority of patient's needs.

  • 04

    Offers ease of operation.