• Turbidimetric-Immuno-Assay-TIA

Turbidimetric Immuno Assay (TIA)

TIA products include Reagent kits for HbA1c, C-reactive protein & Microalbumin antigen-antibody reactions. 

  • Turbidity produced by antigen-antibody reaction is measured

  • Multi-calibration for all the "TIA" products for accurate results

  • Calibrators are provided in the kit

  • Two reagents system


  • 01

    Calibration curves are stable for the same lot of kits, offers economy & convenience.

  • 02

    High Linearity

Product Code Material Description Pack Size Pack-insert
HBATIA-01 HbA1c 2x15/1x5/2x50/4x0.5  HbA1c
HBATIA-02 HbA1c 1x15/1x5/2x25/4x0.5
MALTIA-01 Micro Albumin 1 x 40 / 1 x 10  MALB
CRPTIA-01 CRP 1 x 40 / 1 x 10  CRP