Monik Trocar

An access system that enables hassle free Laparoscopic access and allows you to focus solely on your patient with an Optical entry in 10mm, 12mm and 15mm. Also, a simple twisting motion and bladeless Birdwing Tip that separates the tissue rather than cutting it. This results in a smaller wound, less trauma and easier closure.  

  • Optical Entry - 10mm, 12mm and 15mm

  • Birdwing bladeless Tip

  • Primary seal

  • Secondary seal


  • 01

    Optical enrty enables visualisation of tissue layers during insertion and makes the entry safe

  • 02

    Birdwing Tip bladeless design  seprates tissue rather than cutting it, results in low port site herniation

  • 03

    Primary seal accommodates wide range of Instrument sizes

  • 04

    Secondary seal facilitates specimen retrieval,Hernia mesh introduction and Laparoscopic suturing.


The Monik Bladeless trocar has applications in Abdominal, Thoracic and Gynecologic minimally invasive procedures to establish a path of entry for Endoscopic Instruments

Monik Trocar

1 MNK5 Bladeless Trocar, 5mm diameter, 95mm Length Stability
2 MNK10 Bladeless Trocar, 10mm diameter, 95mm Length Stability
3 MNK12 Bladeless Trocar, 12mm diameter, 95mm Length Stability
4 MNK15 Bladeless Trocar, 15mm diameter, 110mm Length Stability