• mirus

MIRUS Ligation Clip

Strong and Secure Metal ( Titanium ) Ligation System.

The MIRUSTM Ligation Clips are widely used in surgery for vessel closure as well as for marking purposes. They are designed for use on tubular structures or blood vessels, wherever indicated.

  • Lateral and transverse grooves

  • Precise tip-to-tip closure

  • Titanium clips

  • 6 clips cartridge

  • 12 appliers with different sizes and lengths


  • 01

    All 4 sizes to meet every surgical ligation  need 

  • 02

    Secure Fixation on Vessels 

  • 03

    Easy to load application

  • 04

    Blister Tray Packing 


The MIRUSTM Ligation Clip can be used both in endoscopic procedures and open surgeries. They are commonly used in thoracic, vascular, gastrointestinal, urologic, gynecological, bariatric and general surgeries.

They are used with the appliers of different sizes according to the sizes of clips.