• Mirus Skin Stapler
  • The Angled Head

  • 316 L Stainless Steel pins with sharp Cut Edges

  • Centre Mark for Alignment

  • 35 Wide Pins with Transparent Housing

  • Hard Blister Packaging

MIRUS Skin Stapler

The handle design is characterized by good texture for a user friendly experience. It has larger diameter wire, greater width, and extra staple height leading to a secure wound closure. 

Outstanding performance across wider skin wounds

Mirus Skin Stapler


  • 01

    Widest skin wound range 

  • 02

    Easy skin penetration

  • 03

    Consistent firing 

  • 04

    Precise rectangular pin formation 

  • 05

    Secure wound closure


 It is typically used at the end of a surgical procedure for routine wound closure.  

MIRUS Skin Stapler

Code Crown(mm) Staple Leg(mm)
MSS35 7 4.5