The pre-formed chevron shape of the MIRUS Ligation Clips aids in engufing tissue with precise tip to tip closure. The wire is designed in a heart shape to give each clip a firm grip on vessel.

  • Chevron Shaped
  • High Quality Medical Grade Titanium
  • Lateral and transverse grooves


Product Specifications

Code Clip Size Colour Clips/Cartridges Cartridge/Box
VMLT-060 Micro White 6 20
VMLT-080 Small Red 6 20
VMLT-100 Small-Medium Yellow 6 20
VMLT-200 Medium Blue 6 20
VMLT-300 Medium-Large Green 6 20
VMLT-400 Large Orange 6 20


Applicator Specification Chart

Product Code Applier Length Clip Size Clip Code
VTOA-6020 20CM Micro VMLT-060
VTOA-8020 20CM small VMLT-080
VTOA-10020 20CM small-medium VMLT-100
VTOA-20020 20CM medium VMLT-200
VTOA-30020 20CM medium-large VMLT-300
VTOA-40020 20CM large VMLT-400

Clinical Data