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CelQuant 3 Prime

Dual Chamber Hematology Analyzer

CelQuant 3 PrimeTM is a high end three-part differential Dual Chamber Hematology Analyzer offering accurate and reliable results with independent hemoglobin measurement system. 21 parameters and 3 histograms for WBC, RBC and PLT.

  • Fully automatic sample loading, mixing and testing with optional bar code reader

  • Throughput: 60 samples / hour

  • 15000+ patient result storage

  • Up to 14 alarm information of para-morphia cells

  • Whole blood and Pre-diluted blood sampling modes


  • 01

    Ease of operation, reliable and fast.

  • 02

    Suitable for the laboratories having medium to heavy workload.

  • 03

    Accurate measurements of differential WBCs and RBCs/PLT.

  • 04

    Reagent refill alarm for inventory management.

  • 05

    Large screen summarizes the graphs and blood cell indices together for easy decision making.