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CelQuant 360

Differential Dual Chamber Analyzer

Fully automated 3 part differential dual chamber analyzer with independent haemoglobin measurement system. 20 parameters and 3 histograms for WBC, RBC and PLT.

  • Automatic sample loading, mixing and testing

  • Throughput: 60 samples/hour, 20000+ patient result storage

  • Floating discriminators

  • Whole blood and Prediluted blood sampling modes


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    Suitable for pediatric's samples.

  • 02

    Economic CPRT.

  • 03

    Accurate measurements of differential WBCs and RBCs/PLT.

  • 04

    Suitable for the laboratories having medium to heavy workload.

  • 05

    Ease of operation, intuitive software system.

Clinical Data

Merilyzer CelQuant 360

Investigator Initiated Study

Sr. No. Name of Study Sample size
1 Merilyzer CelQuant 360 NA

Study Overview

Comparative cross-sectional study to determine the correlation between haematology parameters by Merilyzer CelQuant 360 Automated Haematology Analyser with Sysmex XP-100 Cell counter and manual methods.y


Original research article Comparison between haematological parameters by the merilyzer celquant 360 automated haematology analyser and sysmex xp-100 haematology analyser with the manual methods https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Comparison-between-Haematological-Parameters-by-the-Goswami-Mookherjee/888b0b5c8a707d94116f274ead8e9776d332a925