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CelQuant 5 Neo

Hematology Analyser

5-part differential hematology analyser with compact design, adopting semiconductor laser flow cytometry combined with cytochemical staining technique.

  • Analyzer employs semiconductor laser flow cytometry to obtain 4-differential counting result for WBC

  • Built-in re-examination rule and accurate screening out of abnormal samples

  • Percentage of the lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils and neutrophils can be obtained from the DIFF channel scattergram

  • Automatic rinsing (sample flow parts) in each counting process to ensure no sample residue remains in hydraulics


  • 01

    Detailed scattergram for clear understanding of the sample pathology.

  • 02

    Fast processing of samples in both CBC & CBC + differential mode.

  • 03

    Very low sample volume required, suitable for pediatric samples.

  • 04

    True 5 part differential measurement of WBC population.