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CelQuant 5

Differential Dual Chamber Analyzer

CelQuant 5TM adopts highly stable, long lasting and economical semiconductor laser light source. Multi angle laser scattering to accurately test cell size, cell nucleus, cell content granulars and complexicity information, combined with cytochemical staining technique to conduct differentiation of WBCs. At the same time screening out the abnormal cells, thus increasing the efficacy for abnormal samples.

  • Specific stain to eosinophils, through the detection of semi conductor laser flow scattering technique, lymphocytes, monocytes, neutrophils and eosinophils

  • User friendly functions for counting, quality control, data review, service and graphical operations with interfacing

  • In-built re-examination rule and accurate screening out of abnormal samples

  • Cap piercing auto sampler for 30 samples with STAT positions


  • 01

    Operation Interface and Data Management System.

  • 02

    Detailed scattergram for clear understanding of the sample pathology.

  • 03

    Fast processing of samples in both CBC & CBC + Differential mode.

  • 04

    Suitable for pediatric and geriatric samples, also ensures minimal reagent consumption and possibility for a back up test.

  • 05

    True 5 Part differential measurement of WBC population.