• Filaprop mesh
  • Filaprop mesh


FILAPROPTM MESH is a well knitted polypropylene material with standard heavy weight offers maximum tissue support and flexible scar for superior patient comfort.

Strong and durable Polypropylene material maintains consistent strength.


  • Nonabsorbable Polypropylene content

  • Round mesh edges

  • Unique interlocking knitting

  • Extensibility across X & Y axis

  • Edges cut with laser with various sizes


  • 01

    Available in new sizes 12x18, 15x20, 15x30

  • 02

    Offers long term tissue support

  • 03

    Offers better patient comfort

  • 04

    Provides strength to the mesh and inturn supports tissue structure

  • 05

    Offers flexibility and elasticity to mesh, maintaining shape as per body movements

  • 06

    Precut sizes offer smooth edges causing less tissue trauma and better patient comfort


Open Hernia Repair (Ingunal/Ventral)

TEP / eTEP / TAPP/ Rive's Stoppa / eRS / TARM / eTEP / TAR / eTAR

Structure Knitted mesh
Colour Colourless
Chemical composition Polypropylene
Sizes 5cm x 10cm, 6cm x 11cm, 7.6cm x 15cm, 10cm x 15cm, 12cm x 15cm, 12cm x 18cm, 15cm x 15cm, 15cm x 20cm, 15cm x 30cm, 30cm x 30cm
Pore Size 1.0 mm - 1.2 mm
Weight 100 gsm
Thickness 0.48 mm
Burst Strength 106.3N/cm
Type of absorption Non-absorbable
Sterilization Ethylene oxide