• eliquant


Semi Automated ELISA Plate Reader

ELIQuant is a Semi Automated ELISA Plate Reader that uses high quality optical system and sophisticated embedded computer control technology which enables the user, reliable measurement and data analysis with minimum maintenance. The new ELIQuant comes with an inbuilt thermal printer which makes it more user friendly.


  • 01

    An interactive LCD touch screen, Self Diagnosis & Copy Test function, re-run option makes it easy to use.

  • 02

    Improved efficacy & accuracy with 8 Channels fiber optical system, Monochromatic and Bichromatic Reading, Reading speed of 6.5 secs at Single Wavelength, 16 secs at Dual Wavelength.

  • 03

    Reading & Calculation modes include Absorbance Mode, Qualitative, Semi –quantitative and Quantitative mode, Reverse cut off mode & Multi standard mode with option up to 10 Standards.

  • 04

    Calibration Curve types include Multi Point, Conc. Log, Log – Log, Linear , OD Log.

  • 05

    Inbuilt quality control for up to 4 levels Control sera.

  • 06

    Display and Printing Levey – Jennings graph.