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MERIZELLETM is a sterile absorbable hemostat composed of oxidised regenerated cellulose that is white with a pale yellow tinge. It is designed to assist in the control of capillary, venous, and small arterial haemorrhage. It can also be used effectively when the control of small vessel bleeding by pressure, ligature and other conventional procedures are ineffective.

  • Rapid in action

  • Anti-adhesive

  • Adaptable

  • Absorbable

  • Anti-bacterial activity at site


  • 01

    Rupture site achieves hemostasis in 2-5 minutes.

  • 02

    Does not interfere with tissue healing and instrument handling.

  • 03

    Applicable for various tissue thicknesses and surgery sites.

  • 04

    Absorbed within 1-2 weeks, if left in place; may be removed prior to closure (at a surgeon's discretion).

  • 05

    Reduced chances of surgical site infection.


Standard: Fine weave of ORC wraps at the site of application, allow optimum hemostasis and enhanced visualisation of the surgery site.

Fiber: Tufts of soft, lightweight ORC with a layered structure is known to have 30% faster hemostasis as compared to the standard weave. The easy-to-separate layers allow the use of as much as desired material with superior conformability at the site of application.

Woven: Denser weave of ORC for heavier bleeding provides good tensile strength in heavier bleeding sites. This material is thrice as strong as the standard weave.

Indications by surgery:

Neurosurgery: Epidural oozing and capillary oozing during craniotomy, laminectomy, surgery on tumor bed, head trauma, spine and spinal cord surgeries

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery: Sternal bleeding , CABG (cannulation sites, anastomotic sites), valve repair/replacement, Carotid Endarterectomy, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

General Surgery: Liver resection or transplant, splenic injury, cholecystectomy, bariatric applications and any other iatrogenic perforations

Other Applications: Urology surgery, ENT procedures

Clinical Data

Study Name Type of Study Total Patients Status Link
MERIZELLE-1 Prospective study 185 Ongoing Know more