MERILOCK Anterior Cervical Plate System Instrument Set

Instrumentation options further enhance surgical technique versatility by matching surgeon preference regarding approach.This Spine Instrument Set is a comprehensive system of instruments for stabilization of the spine in the cervical regions.Instruments are specially design to have minimum soft tissue damage.Trauma Instrumentation meets surgeons requirement in precision and ease of use.Instruments are made from superior Grade materials.


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    Accurate Sizing of Components

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    Precise Component Alignment

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    Efficient Approach

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    Intuitive Design

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Size chart/ ordering Info

MERILOCK Anterior Cervical Plate System Instrument Set

Part No. Description
MS-INMRCP001 Awl 280
MS-INMRCP002 Ø2.2 Drill Bit 12mm
MS-INMRCP003 Ø2.2 Drill Bit 14mm
MS-INMRCP004 Ø2.2 Drill Bit 16mm
MS-INMRCP005 Screwdriver SW2.5
MS-INMRCP006 Plate Holder 195
MS-INMRCP007 Quickly Connect Handle 118
MS-INMRCP008 Drill Guide 127
MS-INMRCP009 Lockscrew Driver 144
MS-INMRCP010 Ø3.5 Tap
MS-INMRCP011 Prefixation Pin 16
MS-INMRCP012 Pin Holding Driver 222
MS-INMRCP013 Vertebral Body Distractor
MS-INMRCP014 Distractor Screw 12
MS-INMRCP015 Distractor Screwdriver 200
MS-INMRCP016 Pin Guide
MS-INMRCP017 Plate Bender
MS-INMRCP018 Instrument Case With Lid