KET - SS Cannulated Tibia Nail Instrument Set

Trauma Instrumentation meets surgeons requirement in precision and ease of use.Specially designed instrumentation considering suggestions from surgeons.Instruments are specially design to have minimum soft tissue damage.Instruments are made from superior Grade materials.


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    Accurate Sizing of Components

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    Precise Component Alignment

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    Efficient Approach

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    Intuitive Design

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Part No. Description
MT-INSCTN002 SCTN Conical Bolt
MT-INSCTN003 S.C. Guide Sleeve 8mm
MT-INSCTN004 SCTN Drill Sleeve 3.2mm
MT-INTPFN005 SPFN Attachment Bolt
MT-INSCTN005 S.C. Drill Sleeve 4mm
MT-INSCTN006 SCTN Pointer Sleeve 8mm
MT-INSCTN007 SCTN Tibia Half Round Alu.
MT-INSCTN008 SCTN Tibia Half Round S.S.
MT-INSCTN010 SCTN Conical Bolt For Tibia Mody
MT-INSFTN011 Curved Bone Awl
MT-INSFTN012 S.S.Drill Bit 3.2mm x 200mm
MT-INTPFN019 S.S. Drill Bit 4mm x 250 mm
MT-INTPFN022 4.5mm Hex Screw Driver- Extra Long
MT-INTPFN023 10mm Socket Wrench
MT-INTPFN024 Supine Driver
MT-INTPFN025 Depth Gauge
MT-INTPFN026 Extractor Rod
MT-INTPFN027 Handle For Extractor
MT-INTPFN028 Round Hammer
MT-INTPFN029 Tomy Bar
MT-INSCTN011 Instrument Case- SCTN Set