Instrumentation options further enhance surgical technique versatility by matching surgeon preference regarding approach. This Spine Instrument Set is a comprehensive system of instruments for stabilization of the spine in the cervical regions. Instruments are specially design to have minimum soft tissue damage. Trauma Instrumentation meets surgeons requirement in precision and ease of use. Instruments are made from superior Grade materials.


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MYEL Posterior Cervical Fixation Reconstruction System Instrument Set

Part No. Description
MS-INMY32001 Awl
MS-INMY32002 Drill Guide
MS-INMY32003 Drill Bit Ø2.0,14mm
MS-INMY32004 Drill Bit,Adjustable Ø2.0,14~28mm
MS-INMY32005 Drill Stop, Adujustable
MS-INMY32006 Handle
MS-INMY32007 Cortical Tap HB 3.5
MS-INMY32008 Cortical Tap HB 4.0
MS-INMY32009 Depth Gauge 0 ~ 60
MS-INMY32010 Screw Driver SW 2.5
MS-INMY32011 Rod Bender
MS-INMY32012 Rod Cutter
MS-INMY32013 Rod Holder
MS-INMY32014 Compressor
MS-INMY32015 Curved Hook Distractor
MS-INMY32016 Rod Templets Ø2.5mm
MS-INMY32017 Reducer Plier Small
MS-INMY32018 Laminar Elevator
MS-INMY32019 Hook Holder
MS-INMY32020 Plug Starter, Hex SW 2.5
MS-INMY32021 Holt Probe, Straight Ø1.6mm
MS-INMY32022 Crosslink Driver SW 3.5
MS-INMY32023 Quick Connect Handle
MS-INMY32024 Counter Torque Handle
MS-INMY32025 Pedical Marker
MS-INMY32026 Rod Bender 3.3 Left
MS-INMY32027 Rod Bender 3.3 Right
MS-INMY32028 Set Screw Driver SW 2.5
MS-INMY32029 Instrument Case With Lid

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