Mozec PTA 14

Mozec PTA is a percutaneous transluminal angioplasty balloon catheter system for treatment of vessels with obstructive disease, sub-total or total occluded peripheral vessel. 

Ultra-low 0.016” distal tip entry ensures crossability through tight lesions

BioGlide™ hydrophilic coating on balloon and shaft provides enhanced deliverability

Superior force transmission with seamless single tube transition provides FeatherLite™ Pushability

FeatherGlide™ Trackability with low tracking force

Fatigue Resistance balloon material provides better Durability


  • Treat Distal / Pedal-arch vessel with 1.5 mm balloons

  • Treat long diffused BTK lesions with 250 mm long balloon

  • Experience Enhanced Nagivation


  • 01

    Assured Trackability + Superior Deliverability + Responsive Pushability = Enhanced Navigation

  • 02

    Longer length balloons (upto 250 mm) to reduce need for multiple balloon usage

  • 03

    2/3 fold good rewrap profile helpful during multiple dilatation

  • 04

    Faster Inflation / Deflation Time (*<10 sec) reduces radiation exposure time

  • 05

    Semi Compliant PEBA balloon material provides better balloon flexibility


Percutaneous Angioplasty in patients with obstructive disease of BTK vessels.

Pre-conditioning of the lesion prior to stent placement.

Post dilatation of deployed stent to ensure its optimal conformability.

Enabling entry/access in a sub-total or totally occluded vessel.

Patching up of a dissected flap or temporary leak prevention during perforation.

Product Specifications

Catheter System Over-The-Wire (OTW)
Balloon Material PEBA
Catheter Usable Length 150 ± 2 cm
Max Guidewire Compatibility 0.014"
Min Sheath Comptibility 4F / 5F (Refer box/IFU for details)
Shaft/Balloon Coating Biocompatible Hydrophilic Lubricious coating on Balloon + Distal Shaft
Distal Puchase 5.0 ± 1 mm
Balloon RO Markers 2 Platinum-Iridium
Nominal Pressure (NP) 6 / 7 ATM
Rated Burst Pressure (RBP) 12 - 14 ATM

Size Chart

Diameter / Length 40 mm 60 mm 80 mm 120 mm 150 mm 200 mm 250 mm
1.5 mm MO14015040B MO14015060B MO14015080B        
2 mm MO14020040B MO14020060B MO14020080B MO14020120B MO14020150B MO14020200B MO14020250B
2.5 mm MO14025040B MO14025060B MO14025080B MO14025120B MO14025150B MO14025200B MO14025250B
3 mm MO14030040B MO14030060B MO14030080B MO14030120B MO14030150B MO14030200B MO14030250B
3.5 mm MO14035040B MO14035060B MO14035080B MO14035120B MO14035150B MO14035200B MO14035250B
4 mm MO14040040B MO14040060B MO14040080B MO14040120B MO14040150B MO14040200B MO14040250B
5 mm MO14050040B MO14050060B MO14050080B MO14050120B MO14050150B MO14050200B MO14050250B