MeriScreen Dengue Onset

MERISCREEN Dengue Onset is an immunochromatographic test using specific antibodies to detect Dengue NS1 antigen and recombinant dengue viral antigens of all four serotypes to detect specific antibody response.

  • Lateral flow based immunoassay

  • Combo device for Dengue Antigen and Antibody

  • Use of recombinant antigen for antibody detection

  • Monoclonal antibody for antigen detection


  • 01

    Results in 20 minutes.

  • 02

    Sensitivity > 95%.

  • 03

    Specificity > 95%.


  • Screening of acute dengue infection

  • Enable serodiagnosis and differentiation between primary and secondary dengue infections

  • Detection of NS1 antigen provides the tool for early diagnosis of dengue infection before serological antibodies are detectable

Intended Use One step immunochromatographic rapid test for the simultaneous qualitative detection of NS1 antigen and IgG / IgM antibodies specific to Dengue Virus
Principle NS1 : Direct Sandwich Immunoassay
IgG/IgM : Indirect Immunoassay
Technique Lateral flow(ICT)
Detection NS1 Antigen and IgG and IgM antibodies against dengue virus
Capture NS1 : Anti NS1 Specific to Dengue NS1
M Region: Anti human IgM specific for human IgM
G Region: Anti human IgG specific for human IgG
Conjugate NS1: Anti NS1 coupled with colloidal gold
IgG/IgM: Dengue Recombinant antigen coupled with colloidal gold
Type of Specimen required Serum or Plasma
Specimen Volume NS1 : 90 - 100 ml
IgG/IgM : 5 ml
Result interpretation time 20 minutes
Diagnostic Sensitivity > 95%
Diagnostic Specificity > 95%

Ordering Information

Product Code Material Description Pack Size
RPDDAG-01 Meriscreen Dengue NS1 Ag 10 Tests