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A world-class, state-of-the-art training centre for medical professionals

Meril Academy prides itself as an innovative and ground-breaking training centre. It was built with the aim to disseminate cutting-edge scientific knowledge to physicians, surgeons, technicians and paramedics. Meril Academy was built with the cosmic vision of bridging the gap between the rapid advancement in technology and its impact on surgeries. Our aim is to empower those responsible for the future of healthcare.

Award-winning medical professionals from across the world, with varying training requirements, grace us with their presence. Here, they participate in relevant programmes aided by best-in-class teaching tools. Meril Academy hosts various reflective, interactive and experiential workshops comprising advanced simulators-based as well as modular learning courses.

We encourage peer-to-peer learning by enabling a collegial environment for the diffusion of knowledge. Healthcare professionals get the opportunity to discuss and practice the betterment of various procedures in intervention cardiology, arthroplasty, and in the field of surgery and diagnostics.

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