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HPLC HbA1C Analyzer

GluQuant A1c

Product Overview
  • Bench top fully automated HbA1c analyzer based on Ion Exchange Chromatography with HPLC principle.
  • Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) is a very useful test in monitoring and diagnosing diabetic patients.
  • With a measurement of the mean amount of blood glucose present in the patient over the previous 3 months and is therefore useful as a monitoring and diagnostic tool.
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    • No sample pre-treatment required
    • Touch Screen
    • Both option direct primary tube sampling & cap-piercing
    • Barcode reader for samples
  • HbA1c Kit (HPLC)

    Code: HPLDBT-01

    Pack Size: 2 x 400 Tests

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    • On what principle is GluQuant HbA1c based on?

      Ion exchange chromatography with HPLC (High pressure liquid chromatography) principle.

    • How does HPLC score over the other methods for measuring HbA1c?

      HPLC is a recommended principle by WHO among the various HbA1c methods. HPLC principle is recognized as a ‘Gold Standard’ as it has a high sensitivity and stable performance.

    • Explain the principle on which Meril GluQuant HPLC is based on

      GluQuant A1c works on HPLC principle-High Performance Liquid Chromatography.

    • What is the onboard capacity of GluQuant A1c?

      GluQuant A1c has an on board capacity of 50 samples. It can load at most 5 test tube racks, each rack can hold 10 samples, so that 50 samples can be loaded in total.

    • What are the sample types that can be used in GluQuant A1c?

      Whole blood & diluted blood. Merilyzer GluQuant A1c can identify whole blood sample and diluted sample automatically and take prescribed volume to analyze which are as below: Whole blood mode (10µl)/ diluted mode (150µl) and Auto mixing

    • What is measuring range for Merilyzer GluQuant A1c?

      Measuring range (NGSP): 4% to 17%

    • What is the sample cycle in Merilyzer GluQuant A1c?

      Sample cycle≤ 2.5 mins/Test or Sample cycle: ≤ 150 seconds/test

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