Meril, Adding More To Life

Founded in 2006, Meril is an india based global medical device company. We design, manufacture and distribute clinically relevant, state-of-the-art and best-in-class medical devices to alleviate human suffering.

At Meril Life Sciences, we have championed the need to accelerate positive change in medtech solutions with a wide range of efficient and accessible medical devices that have been perfected to ensure every product is patient-centric.

Meril shares an enduring commitment to advance healthcare solutions, so more patients may be able to live longer and healthier lives. We thus share a strong commitment to R&D in providing medtech solutions and adhere to the best quality standards in manufacturing, clinical and scientific research and education of our stakeholders.

Innovative Medical Devices & Medtech Solutions

We are dedicated to the innovation, design & development of novel, clinically relevant and state-of-the-art devices.

Our fundamental aim is to champion the alleviation of human suffering and improve quality of life. To enable this, we are committed to R&D, innovation in manufacturing medical technology, scientific communication, and contemporary distribution avenues.

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Caring For Our Present and Future

We ensure that we adhere to the best quality of standards in medical device development, manufacturing, and distribution, to deliver path-breaking healthcare products to the world.

We take pride in being an agent of change and since our inception been cognizant in responding to the unmet clinical needs. We ensure that we adhere to the best quality standards in developing medtech solutions to drive novel medical devices, next generation treatment options which are patient-centered and deliver value to all health care stakeholders.

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

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Patient caregivers

Patients & Caregivers

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The pursuit of innovation stems with a determination to add more to life to the healthcare community with best-in-class medical devices. Ee collaborate with the healthcare professionals worldwide to address the limitations in existing technologies and provide medtech solutions with proven safety and efficacy in our medical devices.

At Meril, we continuously strive to achieve answers to human well-being through research, studies, shared experiences, and professional expertise. Our medtech solutions are dedicated to ease physical and well-being of patients and caregivers with knowledge sharing on therapies and medical devices.

Your medical needs fulfilled by our latest technologies

We have developed more than 100 technologies across 5 therapy areas including many indigenously designed and developed medical devices.

Delivering World Class Healthcare Solutions

Headquartered in India with a manpower of more than 4000, Meril currently conducts business in more than 100 countries. We have 100% subsidiaries in India, USA, Germany, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Bangladesh and Turkey.








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Global Presence

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Innovations that enrich the healing journey

We believe that it is our responsibility towards mankind to improve and identify the limitations in existing technologies and provide a better quality of life with our devices.


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