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The first TAVI surgery with Myval valves at the Sant'Ambrogio Clinical Institute

The first TAVI surgery with Myval valves at the Sant'Ambrogio Clinical Institute

At the Istituto Clinico Sant'Ambrogio , two percutaneous aortic valve replacement operations (TAVI) were performed with the latest generation two-valve system, the MyVal, the result of a technological joint venture between India and the USA. The interventions, performed by Dr. Maurizio Tespili, Head of the Cardiology Unit and his team (doctors Alfonso Ielasi, Massimo Medda, Francesco Casilli, Marta Bande), were carried out on two elderly patients, aged 82 and 88, affected severe and symptomatic aortic valve stenosis.

The operations lasted approximately two hours and the results, for both patients, were extremely satisfactory, not only for the excellent success of the intervention immediately, but also for the duration of the hospitalization which, unlike traditional interventions, has provided fewer days of stay in the Institute.

Myval valves for aortic valve stenosis

The Myval plant in Sant'Ambrogio was one of the very first in Italy, as well as in Europe. This important milestone testifies to the value of Interventional Cardiology at Sant'Ambrogio which ranks among the best not only nationally, but also internationally.

"All this only benefits the patients belonging to our structure - explains Dr. Tespili -. For the future, the idea would be to be able to implant this type of valve to treat other heart valve diseases. The excellent results of the procedure on the aortic valve leave us hopeful for possible uses also on the tricuspid and mitral valve especially in case of degeneration of already implanted surgical bioprostheses ".

The benefits of new generation myval valve

There are also numerous benefits associated with the use of this new trans-catheter valve bioprosthesis:

  • the small size of the cannulas through which the bioprosthesis is advanced;
  • the greater precision of the implant determined by the fact that the valve is pre-mounted on a balloon (more similar to that of coronary stents) with less risk of causing heart rhythm disturbances requiring pacemaker implantation;
  • the extreme versatility in crossing peripheral arteries of reduced caliber (extending the quantity of patients who can benefit from this treatment).

These aspects make Myval a cutting-edge bioprosthesis and represent an important turning point in the field of interventional cardiology and, above all, in the treatment of aortic valve stenosis.


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