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Who We Are

Meril Life Sciences exists to create best-in-class medical devices to uplift human health. Our medical devices and therapies include treatments ranging from knee joint replacement to sinusitis. Here we have a few words from Chintan Gajjar explaining just how Meril has benefited the world over the years.

Chintan Gajjar Sr. Manager - Sales & Marketing, Endo Mechanical Devices

“Professional education is a pillar for Endo-surgery business because it aids to quickly develop procedure/product adoption as well as to engage top-tier faculties around the country. We are proud to have a big portal, Meril Academy, offering platform to surgical fraternity for Hands-on training, Live Surgery Workshop, Conferences which supports the safe use of our products in day to day practice and improving patient outcomes. The Anoproctology Fest 2016 event is the example of the aforementioned learning experience. It is a unique initiative of Meril towards setting up new standards of excellence in the eld of continuing surgical education across specialties. 

All the best to Meril Academy Team for their upcoming Meril Excellence Programs.”