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Meaningful Innovation Transforming Healthcare

Meaningful Innovation Transforming Healthcare


We are proud to work by creating an excellent workplace to making a positive impact on the health of society and providing healthcare solutions all over the world. We would like to continue and maintain the commitment to excellence in everything we do.

Along with dedication towards the design and development of novel, clinically relevant, state-of-the-art and best-in-class devices, Meril is deeply involved in conducting clinical trials to support their innovations that would further alleviate human suffering. In addition to proving the safety and efficacy of our devices, we collaborate with healthcare professionals worldwide to address the limitations of existing technologies as identified by them. We believe that it is our responsibility towards mankind to identify their needs and provide a better quality of life with our devices

For, Dr. Carlos Cabrera Interventional Cardiologist from Mexico the facilities and the quality of the products were beyond his imagination and were impressed with the installations in the manufacturing plants which are quite safe and advanced.

Acknowledging the same Dr. Alvarado Mora Hugo Oswaldo Interventional Cardiologist from Colombia speaks about the infrastructure and high-quality standards which are maintained and the largest educational academy in south Asia which is rarely seen anywhere in the world is quite impressive.

Also, Dr. Jaroslaw Krzysztof Kowalczyk Interventional Cardiologist from South Africa finds Meril Life science infrastructure as one of the best Infrastructure in the world. Its quite interesting to see all such this kind of innovative facility, high standards, and cleanliness which is followed especially the Meril Academy which is a pride in itself as an innovative and ground-breaking training center. It was built with the aim to disseminate cutting-edge scientific knowledge to physicians, surgeons, technicians, and paramedics.

Employees of the company are always smiling and well dressed which is another important thing which sets apart Meril from other companies and is not seen in many parts of the world.

These doctors believe Meril product quality is on par are as European or American products which give them confidence to use these back in their respective countries! We believe in adding more to life each day!