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TAVR Certification Program To Increase Proficiency Of Medical Professionals

TAVR Certification Program To Increase Proficiency Of Medical Professionals

Asia’s largest and most advanced training centers - Meril Academy

Meril Academy is one of the largest and most advanced training centers in Asia, which has been visited by more than 10,000 healthcare professionals from all across the globe. Built with the cosmic vision of bridging the gap between the rapid advancement in technology and its impact on patients and surgeries

Meril Academy enables healthcare professionals to learn more about these updated technologies. This healthcare education is provided through live cases, live lectures, complex case presentations and other informative lectures delivered by seasoned medical practitioners to help improve surgical outcomes.

Coronary artery diseases are currently the leading cause of death worldwide. This means that the number of patients suffering from aortic stenosis and other cardiovascular diseases is constantly on the rise.

TAVR: Advance Technology

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) and Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) are fairly new procedures that are recommended to patients suffering from aortic stenosis with high and intermediate-risk levels. These procedures use a minimally invasive surgical approach to repair a damaged heart valve by placing a replacement valve into the faulty artery.

To speed up the learning process of the newly introduced technology we organised the Myval Certification program, to reach out to interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons and train them in the use of this technology.A one-day course was held on 12th January 2019 with 35 delegates participating from all over India and renowned interventional cardiologist Dr. G. Sengottuvelu acting as course director for the 1st TAVR certification program.

The objective of the program was to train interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons on the basics of TAVR therapy by creating a blend of didactic situations and hands-on simulations. Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao, Dr. Anmol Sonawane and Dr. Sanjiv Gupta were the faculty for this program. The first TAVR certification program was a successful endeavour signifying the start of the learning process.

It was followed by the 2nd TAVR certification program held on 16th March 2019. This program agglomerated 61 interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons across India, with Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao and Dr. Vijay Kumar presiding as course directors. The programs covered topics such as imaging of TAVR, step-by-step TAVR with Myval and TAVR in high-risk patients. The session further went on to discuss some interesting cases that used the Myval procedure to help treat patients.

Through initiatives such as the Myval TAVR certification program and Meril Academy, we at Meril Life have built products, training programs and facilities which allow us to compete on an international stage. Only through education and preparation for the future can we forge a path that will lead to healthcare that is accessible to everyone.

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