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About Our Heritage From Experts

About Our Heritage From Experts

From hands-on training to theoretical learning

When words are both true and kind, they can change the world. Which is why we at Meril Life have brought together experts to speak about their experience with us. From hands-on training to theoretical learning, we strive to create medical devices to improve the quality of human life and educate future generations to the best of our abilities.

Mr. Pradeep Vadodaria, Laprosurge Hospital, Rajkot

“The event was both informative and motivating. Moreover, the manufacturing units are well organized and the quality control process is excellently managed by the authority. The involvement and commitment of the Academy Team in all areas including conceptualizing, coordinating and executing the event has been laudable and led to deliver to our high expectations and satisfaction.

Dr. Ashish Chaudhary, Aakash Healthcare Hospital, Delhi

“Meril Academy is doing a great job not only by creating great infrastructure but a manufacturing unit which is at par with any international manufacturing unit. This noble cause of imparting such an education especially to the standard of Healthcare Professionals will surely go a long way in improving our services and quality back at home. Lastly, many congratulations to the Meril Academy Team and Management for having great vision to establish such a big academy and manufacturing unit and giving all the doctors across the country a learning opportunity.”

Prof. Dr. A. H. M Shamsul Alam, Vice Principal, Bangladesh Medical College

“We appreciate the gesture of Meril Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd. who have supported and installed Center of Excellence at our institute, for imparting basic laparoscopy hands-on training for improving hand-eye co-ordination and learning knotting and suturing techniques on Meril Endo-stations, which is the need of the time. This will be of great help for the young aspiring surgeons to practice and adopt laparoscopy suturing for better outcomes. Once again we are thankful for this educational support initiated by Meril Academy.”

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Dr. Sudershan Sharma, Patel Cancer Hospital, Jalandhar

“We had a very good fortune of attending some of the excellent subjects on HR management. I am very grateful to Meril Academy for these kinds of excellent interactions and I am sure this will be a good stimulus for us to really see what has been lacking in the way. We were managing the hospitals and where we can improve upon this. Thank you very much, I thank Meril for the great efforts they have put up in bringing us all the way from Punjab.”

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