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Bridging The Gap Between Knowledge & Action

Bridging The Gap Between Knowledge & Action

We Strive To Create And Develop Products That Through Cutting Edge Technology

At Meril we strive to create and develop products that through cutting edge technology, recognise unmet market needs and give patients market-leading solutions. Our Endo-surgery division is a one-stop solution, providing patients and doctors with Absorbable & Non-absorbable Surgical Sutures, Tissue Sealants, Absorbable Hemostats, Hernia Repair (Mesh), Intrauterine Devices (Cu-T, Hormonal IUD), Energy Devices and Mechanical Closure Devices (Staplers).

Rohit Walia - Sales Manager, Endo-Surgery | North Zone

“Meril Academy has played an instrumental role in establishing Meril Endo-Surgery in North India. Our surgeons visiting Meril Academy are overwhelmed by seeing the facilities & beautiful ambience surrounding it.

They feel this is one of the best Training centres/institutes in the country for Healthcare Professionals. One of the key reasons for Meril Endo–surgery recognition in the Medical Industry is due to the support provided by Meril Academy in terms of establishing “Centre Of Excellence” at the various Medical Colleges/Institutions and Hospitals.

This gives a good opportunity to the budding surgeons to learn & improvise their surgical skills. Meril Academy has given us a unique identity in the industry from other players. It also motivates our team to speak about our assets day in and day out to the customers who in turn feel proud of Indian organization taking such an initiative. 

My wholehearted gratitude to Mr Yoginder Sahni for being a guiding force for us and helping us in organizing various Professional Education programs.” 

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