Evermine50 DES- Path Breaking Innovation in the field of cardiovascular care

Evermine50 DES- Path Breaking Innovation in the field of cardiovascular care

What is coronary Artery Disease?

Coronary artery disease is the blockage in arteries lead to the impeded blood flow and heart muscles losing their oxygen supply and often beginning to die. Plaque buildup, if left unchecked, can cause breathlessness, heart arrhythmia, cardiac arrest, heart failure and even death. In such cases, one of the main approaches to treat the patient other then open heart surgery also know as Bypass surgery is through an intervention in the form of an angioplasty. It’s a minimally invasive life-saving non-surgical procedure that results in improvement in heart functions by restoring blood flow in coronary arteries. A stent is most often used to treat the artery blockage in such procedures.

What is the Evermine 50?

Evermine50™ is an Everolimus-eluting coronary stent system having an ultrathin (50 μm) strut. It is a precisely engineered balloon mounted Cobalt-Chromium alloy device that is delivered using a catheter to the site of the blockage in a coronary artery and then deployed by inflating the balloon. The stent, upon deployment, pushes back the plaque or blockage radially, and then keeps the artery open to allow improved blood flow. The Everolimus drug is slowly released from the stent and this ensures that the long term outcome of the procedure is good. Thus the artery heals appropriately, allowing the patient to continue a healthy life.

What sets us apart?

Evermine50’s ultra-low strut thickness of just 50 µm minimizes chances of vascular injury without compromising radial strength or visibility during deployment. This ultra-thin stent ensures that the tip entry profile is also reduced significantly. The device has a unique hybrid cell design of open and closed cells, made of fully biocompatible Co-Cr L605 alloy. Its unique design gives it outstanding radial strength, while the delivery platform ensures flexibility and deliverability. The catheter has been designed specially with short balloon shoulders and a low balloon overhang to minimize balloon related edge injury. Therefore this best-in-class product helps us push the frontiers of cardiac healthcare solutions by bringing precise engineering to a life saving device that strikes the perfect balance between favorable outcomes and risk minimization.

What are the Benefits of Evermine50

We at Meril Life have our patients’ long-term safety and health as our highest priority and therefore base our R&D strongly on the evidence emerging from the interventional cardiology fraternity. The science has been loud and clear on the advantages of thin struts in coronary stents. Compared to thicker struts, thin struts lead to less vessel injury, lowered risk of inflammation and reduced chances of thrombus formation.

We used that evidence in our ethos when the world’s thinnest commercially available stent Evermine50 was launched. We also recognized the challenges that such a thin strut stent would pose, and ensured that the engineering process allowed us to address all challenges on radial strength and visibility. The extensive and rigorous bench tests and clinical studies have vindicated our faith, making Evermine50 a new benchmark in the world of angioplasties.

Meril Life Sciences is committed to alleviating human suffering and improving quality of life by manufacturing and delivering path-breaking medical devices and healthcare products. Our innovation, design and development all prioritize patient safety and superiority of clinical outcomes. The Evermine50™ is a testament to that very deeply held value, and all around the world it is helping improve cardiac healthcare and enriching people’s lives.

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