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Breakthrough in DES Technology:

  • Ultra-low strut thickness of 50μm for promoting early vascular healing
  • Variable strut width and variable crown design to ensure adequate radial strength of 1.1bar*
  • Hybrid cell stent design: Open cells in the middle of the stent for side-branch access and closed cell design on ends for optimal scaffolding and conformability
  • Clinically established drug everolimus with biodegradable polymer for proven clinical safety & long term efficacy

*Bench test data on file at Meril Life Sciences

  • >500 All Comer patients studied in 3 Clinical Studies with follow-up up to 1 year. Ongoing robust clinical trial programme.

  • 0% Stent thrombosis at 6 months and 1 year in all comer patient population

  • Low MACE rate of <2% at 1 year


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    Less vessel injury, inflammation and thrombus formation compared with thicker struts

  • 02

    Faster endothelialization and early vascular healing

  • 03

    Highly deliverable and flexible in tortuous lesions

  • 04

    Monolithic stent delivery system for excellent force transmission

Product Specifications

Stent design Hybrid Cell Design
Stent material Cobalt Chromium L605
Strut Thickness 50µm
Drug Everolimus
Drug Dose 1.25μg/mm2
Polymer (PLLA + PLGA) Biodegradable and Biocompatible
Coating Thickness 2μm
Delivery system Rapid Exchange

Size Chart

Diameter / Length 8 mm 13 mm 16 mm 19 mm 24 mm 29 mm 32 mm 37 mm 40 mm 44 mm 48 mm
2.00 mm   EVF20013 EVF20014 EVF20019 EVF20024            
2.25 mm EVF22508 EVF22513 EVF22516 EVF22519 EVF22524 EVF22529 EVF22532 EVF22537 EVF22540    
2.50 mm EVF25008 EVF25013 EVF25016 EVF25019 EVF25024 EVF25029 EVF25032 EVF25037 EVF25040 EVF25044 EVF25048
2.75 mm EVF27508 EVF27513 EVF27516 EVF27519 EVF27524 EVF27529 EVF27532 EVF27537 EVF27540 EVF27544 EVF27548
3.00 mm EVF30008 EVF30013 EVF30016 EVF30019 EVF30024 EVF30029 EVF30032 EVF30037 EVF30040 EVF30044 EVF30048
3.50 mm EVF35008 EVF35013 EVF35016 EVF35019 EVF35024 EVF35029 EVF35032 EVF35037 EVF35040 EVF35044 EVF35048
4.00 mm EVF40008 EVF40013 EVF40016 EVF40019 EVF40024 EVF40029 EVF40032 EVF40037 EVF40040    
4.50 mm EVF45008 EVF45013 EVF45016 EVF45019 EVF45024 EVF45029 EVF45032 EVF45037 EVF45040    

Clinical Data

Study Name Type of Study Total Patients Status LINKS
Evermine 50 EES-1 Study Prospective study 140 Ongoing Know more
Evermine 50 EES- KLES Study Observational study 171 Completed Know more
Evermine 50 EES- BGM Study Investigator initiated study 251 Ongoing Know more