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2 important things to keep in mind while preparing for knee replacement surgery

 2 important things to keep in mind while preparing for knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery is the most effective way of treating ageing and diseased knees. Old age and hereditary conditions such as arthritis are the biggest culprits for chronic knee pain around the world.

Knee pain is a degenerative condition found among the elderly. However with sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary choices young people, too, are complaining of knee pain and osteoarthritis. In India over 3 crore people suffer from arthritis.

Partial or total knee replacement surgery is recommended for people suffering from unmanageable pain in the knee and restricted mobility owing to the aging bones and cartilage in the knee. These surgeries involve replacement of parts of the knee or the complete knee structure with implants such as the Meril’s Opulent and Freedom.

If you are preparing for knee replacement surgery you may have questions about the procedure as well as the recovery process. In this article we address your concerns and tell you everything you need to know before knee replacement surgery

Preparing for knee replacement surgery

Prehabilitation is the process of preparing for knee replacement surgery. Studies have shown that  those who engage in prehabilitation recover better from the surgery. Preparing for knee replacement surgery primarily focuses on two areas. 

The first part is to incorporate lifestyle changes just before knee replacement surgery. If you have pre-existing medical conditions be sure to check with your doctor on how the surgery will affect these conditions. Other preparations include cutting down on alcohol and tobacco consumption prior to the surgery. Ask your doctor for a list of medications that you need to avoid while preparing for knee replacement surgery.

The other important aspect to take care of while preparing for knee replacement surgery is to practice exercises that will strengthen the muscles attached to your knee. In consultation with your doctor prepare a regimen of daily exercises focused on the thighs and legs. Thigh squeezes and leg raises are highly recommended. These exercises will help you recover faster from the knee replacement operation and improve movement in your knees.


It is very natural to have concerns over impending knee replacement surgery such as the longevity of the implant and movement in the knee after the surgery. We suggest you get these concerns out of the way by having a discussion with your doctor. Before knee replacement surgery, you must be assured of the returns from the operation. Fire away your fears and concerns to the doctor to be completely confident about the procedure.

By preparing for the surgery with exercises and lifestyle changes, you can increase your chances of a faster recovery.  before going into the surgery make sure that the room that you will be using after the surgery has proper access to the washroom because for a few days after the surgery your movement will be restricted.


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