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Benefits of Advanced Robotic Knee Replacement

Benefits of Advanced Robotic Knee Replacement

Opting for an advanced robotic knee replacement



Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgeries have come a long way since 1968, when it was performed for the first time. From that phase to 2020, a lot of improvements in surgical materials, equipments and techniques have greatly increased the effectiveness of this procedure. To overcome the challenges of accurate implant positioning and alignment, there was a continuous need of innovation. Computer assisted surgeries i.e. navigation systems started a new phase of this innovation. And if we are to talk about recent trends and breakthrough technologies, robotics should lead the way for present as well as future.

Opting for an advanced robotic knee replacement surgery has its own advantages over the conventional mode of surgery. It not only helps surgeons to carry our smooth and error free surgeries, but also helps patients in many ways. Herewith mentioned are some of the most important benefits of advanced robotic knee replacement procedure to patients:

  • This procedure has a lot of functional benefits because of its minimally invasive nature. Because of less blood loss during the procedure, it helps patients recover faster, early rehabilitation and thus early discharge from the hospital.
  • Significance in Pandemic World: Current situation of COVID-19 pandemic is all about taking utmost care wherever possible and an advanced robotic system like CUVIS Joint will do its best for it. With the least people required in OT and that too with least human interaction with the patient, the system does its best in the pandemic world. It also helps with the early discharge because of lesser tissue trauma caused.

 Limited Human Interaction

  • With least human interaction required, it not only helps from the pandemic perspective, but also minimizes possibility of any human error. Thus, patients can expect the best post-surgery outcomes with it.
  • Because of the pre-planning, which is already done before surgeon enters into the operation theatre, he/she spends very less time in OT strategizing about the execution. An early planning and virtual simulation helps to plan the best possible approach and also to choose the best suitable implant to correct the deformity.
  • Needless to say, because of an advanced nature of robotic system a lot of things are preplanned and executed in an autonomous way. Thus when compared to conventional way of operating, it is completely time neutral.

After having initial demonstration of the CUVIS Joint system with some well-renowned surgeons, the overall feedback says: they all are looking forward to this breathtaking technology and are unanimously in favor of it adding a significant value in their day to day life of operating patients for knee replacement.

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