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Joint Replacement Surgery During COVID-19

Joint Replacement Surgery During COVID-19

Joints are crucial parts of the body and are directly related with the overall mobility of our body. Any disease, deformity or accident in and around joints will adversely impact quality of life. To address the same, joint replacement is considered as one of the most important therapy options.

In 2020, we are living in a new normal; everything has changed to the greater extent. Hospitals, clinics have become important centers of saving lives of Covid-19 infected patients. However, not all hospitals are allowed to treat patients, who have got infected with the Coronavirus, few of them are spared for other general care of the patients.

In the field of Orthopaedics, emergency surgeries like ones with unbearable joint pain or accidental cases are being operated in hospitals with all necessary precautions in place. Almost all the hospitals are following standard guidelines like compulsory Covid-19 testing of patients before the surgery, disinfecting hospital premises, sterilization of operating room, following standard infection control protocols set by apex bodies/hospital authorities, routine Covid-19 testing of hospital staff and so on.

In a nutshell hospitals are quite serious in following all standard protocols that will minimize the risk of infection in hospitals (from OPD to Operating room).If you  or any of your loved ones are having any joint discomfort or pain; you can definitely think of planning your surgery. Before going ahead with the decision, do consult your doctor and get reassured of any doubts that you may have.

Post surgery, when you get the discharge from hospital, you need to strictly follow the routine suggested by your surgeon and physiotherapist. Since you will have limitations in going out & exercising, please ensure you follow all the prescribed exercises at home. This will help in strengthening your muscles and will facilitate the recovery.

Whenever you decide to opt for a surgery, please ensure you take all the necessary precautions at your end that will reduce the risk of infection. To know more about knee replacement surgery, please click on the link