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The journey of Meril with orthopedic implants started in 2009, when Meril acquired Maxx Medical, an established orthopedic US device company. Since then there has been no looking back. We have pioneered path-breaking technology in manufacturing diverse and vast orthopedic implants portfolio. And with the support of world renowned surgeons, we have emerged as frontrunners in this segment. Today, we offer a wide range of innovative orthopedic implants from Knee replacements to Hip replacements to Trauma along with Revision portfolio. At Meril, we have a guiding principle that the Physician-Patient-Product interaction is of utmost importance. Based on this foundation, our implants are designed in collaboration with world-renowned surgeons, in world-class manufacturing facilities to offer cutting-edge technology with unique intellectual property, backed by decades of research. Through our association with Maxx Ortho Inc, we are now focused on providing quality healthcare through high-end orthopedic implants and trusted services to our customers across the world. All our products are backed by large number of clinical studies, enrolling patients globally and supported by a team of global scientific advisors.

Meril manufacturing unit produces world class orthopedic implants designed with optimized sizing matrix that caters to the requirement of global population. Meril orthopedic implants are being used in more than 50 countries restoring their mobility to suit their lifestyles and thus adding more to life, globally. Our orthopedic implants are designed to reflect functional principles and natural anatomy. Our flagship product Freedom knee is the one and only 7 radii femoral implant in the world. Option of using 36 mm head on 50 mm radius cup leading to bone preservation. Optimized sizing matrix to cater the unique requirements of Asian population (smaller bones with the possibility of osteoporosis) We believe in providing patients with a smooth, effective and active lifestyle. Meril is committed to lead healthcare related innovation by developing a strong pipeline, patient centric innovative products aiming towards promoting health, research & wellbeing of patients in future. Robot manufactured orthopedic implants- Only company in India to use robots to manufacture efficient & error-free knee replacement implants. We believe in providing best quality orthopedic implants with best possible service.

Dedicated product range to support the transforming Indian healthcare sector with government schemes. Meril provides surgeons with unique orthopedic implant options that deliver successful, predictable and reproducible results. Latitud Hip System- Hip implants like Latitud- The combination of design and the HA coating of the latitude hip system has been proven to work with over 25 of clinical evidence. LibertasTM Dual Mobility and LatitudTM Proximally Coated stem. These unique offerings are designed to help you with: Dual Mobility: For maximum Range of Motion (ROM) and a solution for recurrent dislocations. Proximally Coated Stem: Enhanced proximal offloading with bone and soft tissue preservation. Meril Robotics India’s first fully active robot-Most advanced surgical equipment for Total Knee Arthroplasty-Meril Robotics India’s first fully active robot, capable of 3D pre-planning, virtual surgery and precise cutting to provide accurate and precise surgery results. We at Meril Orthopedic believe that all orthopedic patients, regardless of geography, should have access to implants and related solutions that will best restore their mobility to suit their lifestyle, anatomy and economic needs. To that end, we believe that orthopedic surgeons should be equipped to deliver exceptional and repeatable results for their patients. At Meril, we aim to Restore Mobility.


Opulent - Orthopedic knee Implant | Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee System


Opulent - Orthopedic knee Implant | Total Knee Replacement

Joint Replacement Robot

Instrument Set