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Mirus linear cutter and Mirus Endoscopic Linear cutter with best in class "B" shape staple formation

Mirus linear cutter and Mirus Endoscopic Linear cutter with best in class

MIRUS - The symbol of excellence which ensures superior surgical outcomes. 

Mirus linear cutter and reloads are available in lengths 60mm, 80mm & 100mm with two different staple heights to accommodate varied tissue thicknesses.

Mirus Endoscopic linear cutter and TRIO reloads are available in lengths 45mm & 60mm with three rows varied height staples to accommodate varied tissue thicknesses.

Mirus Endoscopic linear cutter and TRIO reloads

Tissue thickness presents a unique challenge when stapling laparoscopically. Linear cutters and Endo cutters are designed to mitigate the forces placed on them during firing based on the tissue thicknesses in order to provide consistent staple formation and transect intended tissues. However as tissue thickness varies across the body, we need one solution across a broad range of tissue thicknesses, and simplifying the cartridge selection process with optimal compression has been a critical need for many surgeons.

Keeping in mind to eliminate human suffering Meril Endo surgery introduced MIRUS Linear cutter and Mirus Endoscopic Linear cutter with TRIO reloads. The MIRUS Linear Cutters are intended for use in multiple open surgery and Endocutters are intended to use in minimally invasive surgical procedures for the transection, resection of tissues and creation of anastomosis in these procedures.

It’s a Surgical stapler which offers the best in class "B" shape staple formation & cutting with precision between two double staggered rows in open surgery and three rows varied height staples in Laparoscopic surgery/ Minimal Invasive surgery which ensures superior hemostasis. 

Along with the below-mentioned features MIRUS Linear cutter & MIRUS Endoscopic Linear cutter has special benefits for Open surgery & Minimal Invasive surgery/Laparoscopic surgery


  • Reliable: A kind of mechanism for predictable staple formation
  • Flexible: Two  diverse reloads for different types of tissue thicknesses
  • Easy to use: Moderate locking position
  • Cuts and separates tissue between two double staggered rows
  • Push-button opening & rear hinge alignment
  • New knife with every reload


  • Uniform Compression & Consistent staple formation gives superior hemostasis
  • Ease of handling facilitates better tissue manipulation
  • A new Knife gives a precise and smooth transection
  • Aids better transection, resection and creation of anastomosis

With the development of such different tools few surgeries have become really easy and less painful compared to open surgery such as Gastro-Intestinal Surgery, Bariatric surgeries, Onco surgeries, etc.

Gastrointestinal system anastomosis is one of the most commonly performed abdominal surgery procedures. Since the introduction of such instruments capable of performing GIS anastomosis, stapling devices have gained popularity and undergone technical improvements. Staplers make it possible to create a GIS anastomosis quickly and easily with the advantages of enhancing the blood flow across the anastomosis line, causing less tissue trauma, reducing edema, and reducing surgery time. Therefore, the use of staplers in GIS surgery is now widely accepted.

Endoscopic Linear cutters are commonly used to create a GIS anastomosis because of their ability to cut and staple simultaneously. In particular, they are almost indispensable in bariatric, gastric, and pouch surgery, surgeries in which complications lead to a high rate of morbidity and mortality. To minimize the incidence of anastomotic leakage and bleeding along with optimal tissue compression to create safer anastomosis MIRUS Endoscopic Cutter was launched. The new linear cutter provides some advantages to the surgeon. Its Varied Height staple feature accommodates various tissue thicknesses. This accommodation may be helpful in case of the absence of a suitable cartridge for the standard instrument for an operation.

Below are the few frequently thought queries of Mirus Endoscopic Linear Cutter & Trio reloads:

  • Is the knife blade new every time with each firing?

Absolutely yes! Every cartridge comes with a new sterile knife blade. Using a new knife for each firing ensures that it will never dull through repeated use and reduces the risk of cross-contamination that exists when reusing the same knife blade.

  • Does the knife cut beyond the last row of staples?

No. The staple line continues well beyond the cut line. The knife slot on the cartridge does extend beyond the staples to house the tissue gap control mechanism.

  • How many times can MIRUS instrument be reloaded?

All the Endo cutters can be loaded and fired 12 times.

  • Why do I have to squeeze the handle multiple times?

To accomplish this sequential tissue compression and also since its a manual gun we need to fire multiple times for the sequence of cutting and stapling simultaneously.

  • How do I know which staple size to use?

Depends on the tissue, it is purely the surgeon's choice.

  • How do you open the jaws of the stapler?

To open the jaws of the instrument, By pulling the Release knob backward.

  • Why don't the jaws close tight on tissue?

The device is designed to give optimal compression/optimal closure, if it closes tight it may lead to tissue trauma.

  • Why does the handle sometimes snap when I try to fire across thick tissue?

It is the Tissue characteristic [Tissue creep] which happens while transecting Thick tissue surgeons prefer Green/Black reload to avoid this.

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