Endo Surgery


At Meril, we strive to create and develop products through innovative thinking, cutting edge technologies and collaboration with medical professionals and healthcare organizations with an aim to identify clinical needs and translate them into market leading solutions. Meril Endosurgery is a one-stop solution for surgeons for providing an extensive product portfolio comprising of Absorbable & Non-absorbable Surgical Sutures, Tissue Sealants, Absorbable Hemostats, Hernia Repair (Mesh), Intrauterine Devices (Cu-T, Hormonal IUD ), Energy Devices and Mechanical Closure Devices (Staplers). Meril Endosurgery products are used in more than 100 countries and we have a rich pipeline to offer in coming years. Moreover, we provide hands-on training sessions at our Meril Academy to aspiring surgeons globally.

Ophthalmic Sutures

Plastic Surgery Suture

Non Absorbable suture

Hernia Repair Solutions

Laparoscopic Mesh Fixation Devices

Laparoscopic Mesh Fixation Devices

Tissue Separating Dual Layer Mesh

Polypropylene Mesh

Partially Absorbable Mesh

Macroporous Medium Weight Mesh

Cardiac Solutions


Topical Absorbable Hemostats

Topical Absorbable Hemostats

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