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4 treatment options to treat peripheral vascular diseases

January 21, 2021

Any problem with the blood vessels outside your brain and heart is known as peripheral vascular disease. This encompasses a range of ailments caused by narrowing or blockage or even spasms in blood vessels. It is also known as peripheral arterial disease and is common among senior citizens.  While many patients of peripheral vascular disease may not experience any symptom at all, it could lead to severe discomfort. When there is a blockage or narrowing of arteries, blood supply to a body part may be hindered. As a result, the body part will not receive enough oxygen. This could lead to biting pain or cold feet. The particular body part could turn blue for lack of oxygen supply.

Medical Devices

5 significant signs of heart attack in women

December 25, 2020

A heart attack is a major cardiovascular disorder, that happens slowly over time. The deteriorating conditions of the heart that when untreated, may lead to a heart attack. Besides being painful and expensive to treat, heart attacks can be lethal too. The literature says that the prevalence of Heart attack has increased in midlife (35 to 54 years) women, which declined in similarly aged men. However, they can manifest in much worse situations in women than in men, according to the Indian Heart Association (IHA).

Medical Devices

The 3 Most common types of Fistula

December 09, 2020

Fistulotomy is one of the most commonly used surgical procedures to treat fistulas. What are fistulas, you may ask. Well, sometimes, two organs of your body may form a connection that could lead to growth of pockets of abscess. This growth is abnormal and is called a fistula. Fistulas can occur in any part of the body.


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