Medical Devices

How Our Hero Products Improve Quality Of Life For Patients

July 02, 2020

At Meril Life Sciences we strive to improve the quality of human lives by manufacturing innovative solutions that empower healthcare professionals and the medical fraternity. Our manufacturing facilities adhere to cGMP guidelines, are ISO 13845:2003 certified and DCG (I)-approved.

Medical Devices

The Meril COVID-19 One-step RT-PCR Kit is the first indigenously developed multiplex RT-PCR test to be made available in India

June 27, 2020

Today, some of the most contested questions regarding the COVID-19 outbreak revolves around testing? Are countries testing enough people? Are there enough testing kits to conduct testing? Can the testing kits be trusted?

Medical Devices

The Opulent Bionik Gold Knee: The Cutting Edge in Knee Replacement Technology

June 26, 2020

The knee joint is one of the strongest joints in our body. The knee joint allows the lower leg to move relative to the thigh while supporting the body’s weight. The knee joint is essential to many everyday activities, including walking, running, sitting and standing.


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