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The Pursuit Of Knowledge Is Never Ending

The Pursuit Of Knowledge Is Never Ending

The pursuit of knowledge is never-ending. The day you stop seeking knowledge is the day you stop growing.

Which is why Meril Life focuses on providing healthcare education to medical professionals, in training and in the field.


Skill Enhancement Programs

We have executed 2 SEPs in Q2 at North and South Zone and accredited 35 Sales professionals. The group of 35 is in “Post Training Follow Up” phase.

MeCAP (Meril Corporate Awareness Program)

World Hepatitis Day on 28 July was attended by 70 corporate learners who were taken to an insightful session on HBV, HCV and HIC by Dr. Kanti N Patel (Specialist) & were tested for HBsAg & HIV and found negative. Our 8 IVD plant professionals were immunized by the paramedical team as a trial.


“More you sweat in practice, less you bleed in war”, taking this noble cause in mind we initiate FieldConnect programs to join newer and potential sales professionals at their workplace. The objective is enabling them to identify and leverage upon their own strengths so as to transfer the classroom training at workplace, to share their “On Job Learning Needs” and to infuse inspiration to perform beyond their limits.

EBC 1.0 (Effective Business Communication)

Effective Business Communication workshop was conceptualized on management call to improve the Inter Team and Intra Team communication so as to achieve mutual understanding in business dealings. 100 learners from IBD and R&D were enrolled in pre-training survey and 70 condensed feedbacks were closely studied to design training modules, content & activities. The group of 70 is in “Post Training Follow Up” phase.