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Honours, awards and global recognition graciously received by Meril Life Sciences - Meril Life Blog

Honours, awards and global recognition graciously received by Meril Life Sciences

About Meril Life Sciences: A global MedTech Company

Founded in 2006, Meril Life Sciences has proven itself in the field of innovation, design, healthcare education and medical technology. Over the years we have developed more than 140  products across multiple therapy areas, established ourselves as the leading cardiac implant company in India, grown into a team of more than 4,000 employees and conducted business in more than 100 countries. Today, let us take a look back at the achievements, awards and the journey of Meril Life Sciences through the years.

Our exceptional business performance, broad and innovative range of vascular interventional devices and global presence, has made a mark on a national and global scale. This earned us the National best employer brand award in 2018, and Gujarat best employer brand award in 2019. Our very own Mr. Hemchandra Panjikar, Director & Group HR Head for Bilakhia Group of Companies, was also felicitated as the top 101 HR Minds at the National Best Employer Brand Awards 2019.

These awards were held and facilitated by the Employer Branding Institute of India. The criteria taken into assessment for this award were translating and combining vision, action and HR strategy and how competent the organisation was at building a future-ready business plan.

Our revolutionary healthcare solutions were also awarded the Dun & Bradstreet-RBL Bank SME business excellence award in 2018 for the best women empowerment initiatives.

Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 Company of the Year Award

Our state-of-the-art, cutting edge medical devices in the field of cardiovascular intervention were recognised and named the Cardiac implants company of the year by Frost & Sullivan. Frost & Sullivan has spent more than 50 years analysing, pioneering and guiding their clients to grow, their recognition is a true feather on our caps.

Frost & Sullivan recognized Meril Life Sciences for demonstrating excellence in growth, innovation and leadership by developing some of the most clinically advanced technologies - Myval– Transcatheter Heart Valve and MeRes100– BioResorbable Vascular Scaffold System.

They identified Meril Life Sciences as a homegrown medtech company that addresses critical healthcare needs of patients in India and across the globe. With its strong overall performance, Meril Life Sciences has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 Company of the Year Award in the Cardiac Implants Industry in India.

To support its evaluation of best practices across multiple business performance categories, Frost & Sullivan considers a company’s vision, innovation, performance and customer impact.

With Meril’s dedication and commitment to innovation, training and education, scientific communication and the promise of creating and delivering best-in-class medical devices, we are poised to hit this mark every year and reach our goal of providing novel, cutting-edge healthcare solutions to all.

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