About Us

Meril Academy: The cutting edge in Healthcare education for Medical devices

Meril Academy: The cutting edge in Healthcare education for Medical devices

With the global rise in internet usage and advances in communication and technology, humankind is learning faster than ever. We at Meril Life Sciences hope to bridge the gap between the rapid advances in technology and its impact on surgeries, by empowering healthcare professionals with the latest in the field of medicine. Through research and development, paired with novel, state-of-the-art clinical medical devices and contributions from various award-winning healthcare professionals, we pride ourselves on creating Meril Academy, which is a cutting edge training centre for healthcare professionals.

The tenets of Meril Academy

  • Meril Academy began by keeping in mind core tenets which we frequently refer to and keep updating as we touch greater heights on our journey. The Tenets behind Meril Academy are:
  • Vision: Transforming patient care through professional education.
  • Goals: Engage 20,000 healthcare professionals globally by 2020.
  • Commitment: By partnering with healthcare professionals to advance surgical care, we can ensure that people live longer and healthier lives.

Revolutionary education centre

With our core tenets firmly in place, we deliver the best-in-class, in medical devices and healthcare education. At Meril academy, we encourage peer-to-peer learning by fostering a collegial environment that helps the advancement of knowledge. This allows healthcare professionals an opportunity to discuss the latest advancements in technology, along with getting an opportunity to test and practice on these technologies themselves. Our advanced structure covers a sprawling 200,000 square feet of area, with facilities that are on par with international standards.

An asset to healthcare professionals

Meril Academy is fit with sprawling auditoriums acoustically designed and fitted with the latest audiovisual technologies to allow for live telecasts from anywhere in the world. Other facilities such as the Meril simulation suite, which is a 3,000 square foot, one-of-its-kind simulation environment, that allows medical professionals to learn via trial and error in a controlled, yet realistic setting. Our international faculty, simulation-based learning programs, live cases and distance-based learning, hardware playroom and well-stocked library are just a few of the reasons why Meril academy is a valuable asset to healthcare professionals. 

The initiatives undertaken by Meril Life Sciences and Meril Academy are undertaken with the hope of building upon the edifice of knowledge and enterprise that empowers, emboldens, and unlocks new avenues of learning. Meril Academy focuses on the human element of the healthcare industry by providing healthcare professionals with enhanced skills that help create better surgical outcomes for patients. This method slowly but surely brings us closer to our goal of making a significant difference to human lives.