The Opulent Bionik Gold Knee: The Cutting Edge in Knee Replacement Technology

The Opulent Bionik Gold Knee: The Cutting Edge in Knee Replacement Technology

The knee joint is one of the strongest joints in our body. The knee joint allows the lower leg to move relative to the thigh while supporting the body’s weight. The knee joint is essential to many everyday activities, including walking, running, sitting and standing. The knee, which is also known as the tibiofemoral joint, is a synovial joint made up of three bones: the femur, tibia, and patella. Being an integral part of everyday activity, our knees often undergo a lot of stress, thus making it susceptible to injuries, knee pain and ailments such as arthritis. Meril orthopedics is the division dedicated solely to orthopedic complications. To combat complications in the knee, Meril has created the opulent knee system to restore the ability to resume normal activity in old and young patients.

What is Knee Replacement?

The knee is made up of the lower end of the thigh bone known as the femur, the upper end of the shin bone which is known as the tibia and the kneecap which is known as the patella. The first knee replacement surgery was performed in 1968 as a treatment method for knee pain which would be more effective for patients that were still facing issues after regular medication. A knee replacement operation, also known as a knee arthroplasty replaces the surface of the knee. Such a procedure might be recommended to a patient if the patient is undergoing severe pain in the knee that restricts their everyday activities, an abnormal bending of the legs or a chronic redness in the knee that is not relieved after medicines. The decision to undergo total knee replacement surgery is a decision that should be cooperatively between you, your family, your physician and your orthopaedic surgeon. To reduce complications and worries for patients and doctors alike when it comes to knee replacement surgeries, Meril Life Sciences created the Opulent Bionik Gold knee technology.

 Why Choose Opulent Bionik Gold Knee

The Opulent Bionik Gold Knee is a medical device that builds on the base science, successes and learnings gained from the Freedom Knee system. The Freedom Knee System was a highly effective, safe and predictable knee replacement procedure. The Freedom Total Knee system had proved to be an effective treatment method for osteoarthritis for a minimum of 3 years post-procedure. The Opulent Bionik Gold Knee builds on this base set by The Freedom Total Knee and replaces its Cobalt Chromium(CoCr) coating and replaces it with a Titanium niobium nitride (TiNbN) coating which is 8 times harder than a regular cobalt chromium product. The Opulent Bionik Gold Knee improves on everything that came before it. It is twice as hard as the Zirconium Oxide implants currently being used in similar products. The Opulent Bionik Gold Knee is currently the most biocompatible non-allergic surface material out there, with a mere 0.0008 times ionic release compared to that of regular Cobalt Chromium products. Friction in the knee caused by the implant is also less than half when compared to its predecessor. Further benefits of the Opulent knee have been listed below.

What are the Benefits of Opulent Total Knee replacement Implant

  • Only company to support Knee sizing for Asian patients
  • Outstanding biocompatibility
  • Allergy preventive
  • Hardness superior to cobalt chromium-based alloys
  • Higher wettability with synovial fluids
  • Low Friction articulation
  • Long-term chemical stability
  • Avoids inflammation and endoprosthetic loosening
  • Extreme adhesive strength
  • Superior abrasion resistance for longevity
  • Ideal for young and old patients
  • High  flexion for utmost freedom of movement, allowing patients to climb stairs and do squats with ease.
  • Very high surface strength ensuring less wear and tear and more load bearing.                                                                                     

Whether or not a person can undergo knee replacement surgery should not be determined by their age. It should be determined by the level of pain and mobility. The Opulent knee gets rid of this outdated method of thinking and helps patient’s old and young get back to normal activities instead of living with painful joints. Meril Life Sciences is proud to be a part of our patient’s lives and to be able to provide them with medical devices that truly make a difference. To decide whether you should opt for total knee surgery you require an understanding of what the procedure can and cannot do. 

Total knee replacement does not allow you to do more than you could before you developed arthritis or any other form of knee complication. Excessive activity will cause wear on these knee replacement and may cause the knee replacement to loosen and become painful. Therefore, most surgeons advise against high-impact activities such as running, jogging, jumping, or other high-impact sports for the rest of your life after surgery.