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Why we are India’s leading cardiac implant company and what drives us to continue innovating

Why we are India’s leading cardiac implant company and what drives us to continue innovating

We have all witnessed medical technology in the world around us. From vaccinations to the plasters worn to correct fractures to even spectacles that improve our eyesight. All of these were once new and revolutionary ideas that have stood the test of time and given us solutions to long-standing medical dilemmas. These advances in healthcare solutions are what led to long-term sustainable improvement in the quality of human life. We at Meril Life Sciences know that with changing times the need for better equipment and advanced medical devices will continue to increase. To create such devices that will soon be the need of the hour, we work tirelessly and continually seek excellence in the field of medicine.

In today’s world, the leading cause of death in India and the world at large, are cardiovascular diseases. A study conducted by The Lancet shows that the prevalence of stroke and heart disease in India has almost doubled in the past 25 years. Heart disease and strokes together contribute to about 28.1% of total deaths in our country today. Some of the factors that contribute to these rising numbers are: A rise in sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy diets, high cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, smoking habits, stressful lives, lack of sleep and many others. These factors have also led to a rise in coronary artery diseases in people from the age group of 25-35.

As the numbers show, heart disease is on the rise in all age groups and has now even begun to affect the youth. Meril understood the need for cardiovascular healthcare devices and began learning and innovating with stents and heart valve technology five years ago. Backed by clinical trials and reports from patients with over three years of use, Meril Life is proud to introduce the next generation fully bioresorbable vascular scaffold - MeRes100. With the ultra-thin 100-micron bioresorbable vascular scaffold, we created the world’s thinnest stent and paired it with a natural drug-eluting stent which degrades over time and allows the heart to resume normal function without requiring a stent.

This patented and indigenous technology created by India-based Meril Life Sciences has received both CDSCO & CE approval. Making it possible for us to provide the product to healthcare professionals all over the world. It has carved a niche for itself within the coronary stent space, especially in addressing the needs of a younger age group. 

Meril Life Sciences is headquartered in India with a manpower of more than 4,000 employees, with the business currently being conducted in more than 100 countries. Our dedication towards research and development helps us chart a course to advanced healthcare solutions and is also reflected through our diverse range of products. Adhering to the highest quality standards in manufacturing, scientific communication and distribution, it is only natural that Meril Life Sciences is the leading cardiac implant company in India and will continue to strive for the same in the future.