Sirolimus Eluting BioResorbable Vascular Scaffold System

  • Meres100
  • Meres100
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    Scaffold Thrombosis

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    Cardiac Death

  • 0%

    Myocardial Infarction at 1 year and 2 years


  • MeRes100TM is a bioresorbable vascular scaffold system that resorbs naturally in the artery within a period of 2-3 years thus leaving the vessel in its true form and nature.
  • The complete resorption prevents chance of late clinical events like restenosis. Thus, also reducing likelihood of repeat revascularization versus metallic DES.
  • MeRes100 is a 2nd generation bioresorbable technology with low strut thickness of 100microns leading to lower crossing profile for ease of delivery and early endothelialization.
  • Couplets of tri-axial RO markers on both ends for enhanced visibility and large size matrix covers multitude of morphologies and lesions.


  • 01

    Next Generation BioResorbable Scaffold: World's first 100µm BVS

  • 02

     Ideal strut thickness to minimize vascular injury & ensure early endothelialization

  • 03

     Virtual Tubing: Couplets of tri-axial RO markers at either end of the scaffold

  • 04

    Hybrid Stent Design: Strut width variability allows for adequate radial strength

  • 05

    Future treatment possibilities: Restore the artery to natural state after resorption

Product Specifications

Stent design  
Stent Material and Thickness Bioresorbable PLLA (Poly L-lactide) , 100 microns
Stent Architecture Hybrid Design: Closed cells on ends and open cells in middle
Drug Sirolimus
Drug Dose 1.25μg/mm2
Drug coating Proprietary top coat
Delivery system Rapid Exchange


Size Chart

Diameter / Length 13 mm 16 mm 19 mm 24 mm 29 mm 32 mm 37 mm 40 mm
2.50 mm  MRS25013 MRS25016 MRS25019 MRS25024 MRS25029 MRS25032 MRS25037 MRS25040
2.75 mm MRS27513 MRS27516 MRS27519 MRS27524 MRS27529 MRS27532 MRS27537 MRS27540
3.00 mm MRS30013 MRS30016 MRS30019 MRS30024 MRS30029 MRS30032 MRS30037 MRS30040
3.25 mm MRS32513 MRS32516 MRS32519 MRS32524 MRS32529 MRS32532 MRS32537 MRS32540
3.50 mm MRS35013 MRS35016 MRS35019 MRS35024 MRS35029 MRS35032 MRS35037 MRS35040
4.00 mm MRS40013 MRS40016 MRS40019 MRS40024 MRS40029 MRS40032 MRS40037 MRS40040
4.50 mm MRS45013 MRS45016 MRS45019 MRS45024 MRS45029 MRS45032 MRS45037 MRS45040

Clinical Data

Study Name Type of Study Total Patients Status LINKS
Sponsor Initiated Studies
MeRes-1 Study First-in-man 108 Ongoing Know more
MeRes-1 Extend Study Global Study 64 Ongoing Know more