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Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.

Twisha Hathi, Manager - Training & Development

"Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline."

To climb the next milestone and transform ourselves from Good to Great, we need to keep ourselves updated by learning and implementing the right skills and attitude required as per the need of the hour. Along with all the workshops we conduct for Healthcare.

The manager-employee dyad is the new building block of learning and development in various organizations and apt training exposure to both can attract candidates, drive performance, employee engagement and retention, and plays a key role in maximizing employees' contribution to the organization.

Through these workshops, we aim to help all our employees to grow and develop into sensitive and responsible employees of the organization so as to achieve the common goal of excellence.

Professionals and Meril SalesForce, conduct various workshops for manufacturing plant employees to synergize everyone so as to achieve the common organizational goal of excellence. These workshops for shop or employees are aiming to re-polish the imbibed professional competencies as well as will change our perceptions in a positive direction. Teaching all of our employees about our medical devices allows them to learn and teach others as they go along.

Vivek Sharma, Manager - Training & Development

Meril SalesForce Learning and Development – When we think about Training of substance and objectives, it takes a newer paradigm that is Learning. At Meril, our objective is not only to deliver remedial or need-based training capsules but also proactively anticipate future learning needs of our sales professionals and managers.

Either it may be our small step like designing Annual Training Calendar or an aspiring plan of mature Recertification workshop, each of these initiatives are well dened considering the end objective that is creating “Visible and Permanent Change”. All our training initiatives are synthesized outcomes of intense research like Pre-Training surveys, Questionnaires, Assessments, Online Courses and Post Training Action plans. Our training efforts are also well synergized with business needs and sales objectives by taking Business Heads, Regional Managers and Product Mangers in utmost synchrony.

We promise to deliver “Career Oriented & Skill Based Programs” to cater learning & developmental needs to all sets of Sales professionals through our 360 degree learning platforms like IMPACT, ReIMPACT, eIMPACT, MeRiT, TTT, MeCAP, MeEquip and MePACE.