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Leaders Speak - Mukesh Agrawal

Leaders Speak - Mukesh Agrawal

Meril Life collaborates with physicians and global innovators to identify unmet clinical needs and develop revolutionary therapies. We manufacture medical solutions in the form of vascular intervention devices, orthopedic supplements, in-vitro diagnostics, endosurgery and ENT products. With products to tackle widespread medical disorders such as hernia and coronary artery disease, we aim to provide more effective treatment methods.

Mukesh Agrawal, Head - Business Execution and Strategy, Director- Emerging Subsidiaries.

“Meril is making a mark on the global map through its various initiatives and one of it is “Professional Training and Education”. Wherein Meril Academy provides wonderful training and development platforms for Indian and overseas surgeons, sales & marketing teams and other paramedical staff.

The Meril Academy team had organized an IMPACT Course (Product Training Sessions) for the “Business Execution and Strategy” team members early this financial year. BE&S team works closely with the sales and business development team and hence it is imperative for them to understand human anatomy, product technology and its applications. This indeed was a great learning experience for the team, which in turn enabled them to handle their function effectively.

Meril believes, that the confidence of all stakeholders cannot be built unless they have a good amount of understanding of Meril, its product baskets, usage etc. I am glad to see that Meril Academy has taken a great initiative and made this possible with their programme planning, dedicated effort and quality training for all stakeholders including Surgeons, Sales and Marketing team, distributor team of subsidiaries (Meril Bangladesh, Meril South Africa, Meril Turkey, Meril Brazil etc.) were trained on the product science, application part and much more through its live workshop, classroom training, Hands-on training, CME programme, Masters’ Courses, Symposium, etc. As a result, their condence in the Meril has progressively grown and they see it as globally emerging company. All these initiatives are not just restricted to one segment rather diversied to Orthopedics, Cardio Specialist, General Surgery and Diagnostics etc.

With the Professional Training and Education for stakeholders of Meril’s Internal Team, the Academy has taken an excellent initiative on digitization of training programmes where they have launched the eTraining module as an Informative Online Course on IMPACT portal.

We look forward to many such successful training programs by the Academy team and all the best to them to a great success in this journey."