Intra Aortic Balloon Catheter Kit (8F)

  • Myosist is an IAB catheter kit that is operated with an IAB pump.
  • The device is placed in the descending aorta. By balloon inflation in the aorta during diastole and deflation during systole, it increases blood supply to the Heart muscle and decreases the workload of the left ventricle.
  • During diastole, the balloon inflates and increases blood flow to the coronary arteries, increasing myocardial oxygen supply.
  • During systole, the balloon deflates and this causes a decrease in pressure in the aorta; this decrease in pressure assists the left ventricle by reducing the pressure that needs to be generated to achieve ejection through the aortic valve.


Myosist IAB Catheter Kit



Cardiogenic shock :

  • Associated with acute MI, mechanical complications of MI - MR , VSD

In association with CABG :

  • Preoperative insertion
  • Patients with severe LV dysfunction
  • Patients with intractable ischemic arrhythmias
  • Postoperative insertion
  • Postcardiotomy cardiogenic shock

In association with nonsurgical revascularization:

  • Hemodynamically unstable infarct patients
  • High risk coronary interventions
  • severe LV dysfunction, LMCA, complex coronary artery disease

CVTS In Cardiopulmonary Bypass:

  • Coronary bypass Graft
  • Cardiac valve repair (Aortic, mitral, tricuspid, pulmonary)
  • Repair of large septal defects (atrial septal defects, venticular septal defects)
  • Transplantation (Heart and Lung). 



*Disclaimer: Myosist IABC is not approved by USFDA and not available in USA for sale.

Product Specifications

Component  Specification 
Balloon Volume (CC)  30 35 40
Balloon Diameter(mm)  14.5 15 15
Balloon Length(mm)  225 227 259
Balloon Catheter Length(mm)  870
Balloon Catheter Usable Length(mm)  710
Catheter Profile(French)  8
Inner Lumen ID (inch)  0.028
Guidewire Compatibility (inch)  0.025
Nominal Pressure (PSI)  2
Maximum Dilation Pressure (PSI)  5
Console Compatibility  Datascope : System 97, 98, 98XT, CS 100, CS 300, CardioSave 
Arrow :  ACAT, AutoCAT,  AutoCAT 2, AutoCAT 2 Wave,  KAAT II 


Size Chart

MYOSIST IAB Catheter kit 8F  30CC  35CC  40CC

Clinical Data

Product IFU

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