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Elisa Reader/Kits

Merilyzer | EIAQuant™

Product Overview
  • Compact Microplate Reader, designed to measure the absorbance of the contents in 96-well micro titre plate
  • Provided with key functions of automatic feeding, automatic measuring, automatic data analysis and processing.
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    • An interactive large LCD touch screen enables ease of operation
    • EIAQuant incorporates functions like Self Diagnosis, Copy Test function & Rerun option
    • EIAQuant uses Halogen as light source with eight channel fibre optics optical system
    • High dynamic range of 0 to 4.0 OD significantly increases assay linearity and enables reliable interpretation
    • Four standard spectral filters: 405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 630nm with 3 optional filter positions
    • Monochromatic and Biochromatic Reading for accuracy
    • Reading Speed : 6.5 seconds at single wavelength & 16 seconds at dual wavelength
    • Inbuilt QC up to 4 levels of control sera with L-J graph
    • Built in thermal printer
  • HBV Elisa

    Code: HPBELI‐01

    Pack Size: 96 T

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    HCV Elisa

    Code: HPCELI‐01

    Pack Size: 96 T

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    HIV 3rd Generation

    Code: HV3ELI‐01

    Pack Size: 96 T

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    HIV 4th Generation

    Code: HV4ELI‐02

    Pack Size: 96 T

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    Code: DGMELI-01

    Pack Size: 96 T

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    Code: DGGELI-01

    Pack Size: 96 T

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    Code: DNSELI-01

    Pack Size: 48T

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    Code: ITTELI-01

    Pack Size: 96 tests

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    Code: ITFELI-01

    Pack Size: 96 tests

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    Code: TSIELI-01

    Pack Size: 96 tests

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    • Is ELISA an outdated Technology?

      ELISA is not an outdated technology. It is still used by many research labs and the pathology labs for many of the important parameters like AMH, Cardiolipin, Phospholipids, TORCH etc. However the introduction of fully automated system based on CLIA has been adapted by many laboratories so as to cope up with the issues related to availability of Man power. This has resulted in a steep decline in the number of parameters that were previously performed using ELISAs.

    • What is the absorbance linearity of EIAQuant?

      Up to 3.5 OD.

    • What types of ELISA tests can be performed in EIAQuant?

      Qualitative, Semi-Quantitative & Quantitative Assays can be performed.

    • What are the different calibration curves that can be opted to perform Quantitative assays?

      Multipoint, Conc. Log, Log-Log, Linear & OD Log.

    • Does EIAQuant have an option of grey zone for qualitative analysis?


    • What is the benefit of grey zone?

      Helps in interpretation of border line cases in equivocal zone or near cut-off values defined by the kit manufacturer.

    • Does EIAQuant have the option of reverse cut-off

      Yes. Very few companies offer this option. This feature is helpful for some interpretation of some special & research parameters.

    • What is the storage in EIAQuant?

      About 50 test parameters can be programmed & with application software 100 parameters can be programmed. About 150 plate or 14000 results with 3 curves per parameter can be stored

    • Can we perform strip reading and plate reading in EIAQuant?

      Yes. We can perform strip as well as plate reading as per number of tests or work-load.

    • How do we confirm the quality of results performed in EIAQuant?

      EIAQuant has inbuilt quality control up to 4 levels control sera, It can display levey-Jennings chart to observe the readings over a period of time.

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